Showroom Music

A channel to your customers dreams

Enhance the customer experience.

Appreciating that customers nowadays are very well informed and have plenty of purchasing and servicing options, dealerships continually invest in showrooms to maximise the experience during those increasingly rare visits.

Car dealerships employ ever more sophisticated digital technology to aid the progression from initial enquiry, through pre-purchase, to sale.

Music plays a key role in brand perception and therefore can ultimately determine where the customer chooses to spend their money.

PlaylistToday create professionally programmed music for some of the most prestigious showrooms, including marques such as Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Jaguar Land Rover.

Audio Adverts

Combine audio adverts with tailored music to create your network’s audio channel.

Digital Signage

We schedule and manage your video content displayed across the dealership group.


The service could not be simpler to deliver. You can control the level of involvement so players can run in the background without staff interaction. Alternatively, access can be allowed, making it possible to insert approved playlists and tracks when a quick change of atmosphere is needed.

Single or Multi-Site

Whether one site or one hundred, personalised service and expert advice is guaranteed from the moment of first contact.


Additional phone support for urgent assistance outside office hours.

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