Bars & Pubs

Beautifully crafted tunes

Tailored. Scheduled. Updated.

We have your back.

You want the right tone of music to match the flow and atmosphere in the bar all day, every day.

At PlaylistToday, we take great pride in handling the job of tinkering with your music to make sure it is right for your site. Leave the updating, the sourcing, the scheduling, the appropriate content checking to us.

You have control.

It is easy to insert a playlist or track for times when you need a quick a change of atmosphere and to switch back to the default profile.


The service could not be simpler to deliver. You can control the level of involvement so players can run in the background without staff interaction. Alternatively, access can be allowed, making it possible to insert approved playlists and tracks when a quick change of atmosphere is needed.

Seasonal Programming

Seasonal and other themed programming is easily scheduled to start and end automatically.

Single or Multi-Site

Whether one site or one hundred, personalised service and expert advice is guaranteed from the moment of first contact.


Additional phone support for urgent assistance outside office hours.

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