Getting Started

Required components
  1. Player Hardware - The PlaylistToday player can be installed on one of our dedicated Adsono players (from £189.99 + VAT) or on any Windows based desktop, laptop or tablet.
  2. Network Access (For registration and inital download only) - The player runs without an ongoing network connection. Subsequent connections are only necessary to update content and the licence.
  3. Output Sources - Amplifier (for music output) and / or splitter/monitor (for video output).

Ideally, the network access point, power supply point, amplifier and / or splitter / monitor should be within 1.5 meter radius of the player, otherwise additional cabling may be necessary.

Starting your trial
  1. Enter your name, email and password to register.
  2. Verify your email address.
  3. Login to complete your registration:
    1. Enter your organisation, business site address where the service is to be provided.
    2. Enter your contact details.
    3. Enter your payment details.
  4. Select a schedule for the zone from Global Schedules, this can always be changed later
The player

Click here to download

  1. Go to the settings tab once the player has installed
  2. Login using your username and password
  3. Select your trial zone from the drop down
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